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Plush Cat Style is Clothing inspired by Plush Cat Club

Plush Cat Club hopes to expand horizons for plush-size woman. We encourage networking among plush-size models, designers and artists. We promote plush-size events, fashion shows and model photo shoots to encourage awareness in the plus-size community. Plush Cat Club is all about accepting! We want plush-size women to be confident individuals. We are talented in many fields and deserve respect. More opportunities of quality representation for the plush-size woman is our goal!

Satu (Plush Cat Style Creative Designer and Photographer)

With 25 years of passion in creative design and photography, Satu focuses on the luscious curves, beautiful poses of the plush-size woman. She has been published in plus-size magazines, catalogs and newspapers across the United States. Satu's a traveling gypsy who enjoys proving to the world that size doesn't matter when you enjoy life to the fullest! Satu created Plush Cat Club to have quality representation that is proportionate to the population of plush-size women.